The Suncoast Gem and Fossicking Club is a small not-for-profit organisation based on the Sunshine Coast.  We provide a mentor program where we teach the art and skills of lapidary, silversmithing, faceting, casting and carving techniques to our members. 

The Club has been established since 1985 where our membership has grown and our club house has undergone various renovations for which we have received various grants throughout the years from various identities.  Our club is able to offer members up-to-date information, assist with various equipment and teach skills to ensure our members feel comfortable using any of our equipment for jewellery making, cutting stones, faceting and lapidary (cabochon making). 

There is always someone on site to give you a helping hand.If you are interested in joining our club you can head to our contact page for more information or alternatively you can find us on the following social sites:


By clicking here you can find us on Instagram


By clicking here you can also find us on Facebook


Last updated : February 2023