Field Trip Events               



Field trip outings are organised throughout the year by our field officer to collect rocks, gemstones and minerals. These field trips are organised by our field offer who updates us with areas of interest throughout the year.  There are field trip folders with information relating to the specific field trips being organised.  These field trips are well maintained and safety is on the top priority of these trips.  These range from one day to a week or two week excursions.  

These trips are led by experienced club members with an wide range knowledge of materials been sought and the areas being explored.  Information is published in the bi-monthly newsletter and members can register there interest in the specific folders which are current to the field trips.  Members who are wanting to either attend one of our well organised field trips can contact our field officer at the club during business hours or if members would like to make a suggestion for field trip you can let our field officer know.

Upcoming field trips will be advertised through email, Facebook and Instragram.